Broadcast 1

Thu, Mar 8

  • LA: 08:00
  • New York: 11:00
  • London: 16:00
  • Paris: 17:00

Broadcast 2

Tue, Mar 13

  • Paris: 09:00
  • Singapore: 15:00
  • Canberra: 17:00
  • Auckland: 19:00

Quarterly Case Study Sessions

Everyone needs teaching inspiration now and again! Once a quarter, Educators using CES EduPack can join Dr. Claes Frediksson, who will present a new advanced industrial case study. After the session, the PowerPoint presentation with notes will be shared, ready to be used in the classroom. Please register for each individual case study web seminar session.

Automotive Door Panel 2018

Broadcast dates: March 8 and 13

The current focus on reducing environmental impact and lightweighting is forcing many companies to consider new materials. Identifying cost-effective alternatives with sufficient mechanical performance can be difficult, as most cost models require detailed information about the components, which is not available in the early stages of design.

In this case study, we have investigated the lightweighting of an automotive exterior door panel. Inspired by the plastic panels of the Smart ForTwo car, we studied the suitability of this class of material as a replacement for steel. We use the Synthesizer Tool in the CES EduPack software to predict the properties of a natural fiber composite and understand whether this delivered the required high performance. We compared this using a Part Cost Estimator model with steel, aluminum and polymer options.

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Presenter biographies

Dr. Claes Fredriksson  

Dr. Claes Fredriksson has more than 15 years’ experience teaching Materials-related subjects to undergraduate and post graduate students in Sweden, Canada, Belgium and the U.S.A, mainly in Mechanical Engineering. After gaining an MSc in Engineering Physics and PhD in Theoretical Physics he worked in both theoretical and experimental research on polymers, metals and biomaterials. He has a passion for teaching and won a grant as part of Sweden’s Excellence in Teaching Programme to enable him to teach in the U.S.A. and facilitate the cross-pollination of pedagogical approaches.

Dr. Nicolas Martin  

Dr. Nicolas Martin, Ingénieur en Physico Chimie et docteur en sciences des matériaux, s’occupe des relations entre les utilisateurs de CES Edupack et Granta Design, en France ainsi que dans les autres pays francophones. Il a acquis de fortes connaissances sur les matériaux composites à base de carbone pour applications aéronautiques. Son expérience en recherche lui permet de porter une attention particulière à l’enseignement et la recherche universitaire. Il travaille par ailleurs sur le développement des ressources pédagogiques en français à tout niveau.

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